A Journey Starts

It's been a long time I do not post anything in my blog. I categorize myself as unitask person. I think I could not get multiple things done well at once. I should focus on one thing then move to another thing. Hmm, it might be my personal justification that I cannot manage my time well, whereas literally people can still spare their time if they really think that writing is part of their lives. Well, I somewhat get lost recently. It is like I enter a new life which is very different from what I had endured previously. But then, I am learning and always learning in this life.

I feel like kind of relieved now because my first semester has already finished. The holiday is coming very soon. Meaning that no more uni activities and other study's responsibilities. This state of condition will influence our mood and reduce our excitement to study. Sometimes, we work better under pressure right? So, what comes in my mind is I should motivate myself to keep improving. I am the type of person who is very vulnerable if not surrounded by positive environment. I could become very indolent, unproductive, and disorganized if I am lack of positive activities though I just study. Thus, I always find activities or people who can motivate and inspire me to keep growing in virtues and achievements. 

This might be my declaration that I should keep updating my blog which was very lonely recently. No matter what I will write. I will write whatever comes in my mind and feeling. I should tell the world that I am still alive, very grateful and blissful. Alhamdulillah for everything that You have bestowed in my beautiful life, God. I should be happy then I can make everyone else happy. I should be tranquil then I can make other people tranquil.

Melbourne, 5 November 2015

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