The Qualities of Successful Students

Studying in a university might be very interesting for some people. We can find a lot of knowledge and friends there. Also, we can do many fascinating activities. Types of students in the university absolutely vary. We may find smart, diligent, lazy students. Some of them have either good or bad qualities. The qualities will determine the success of the students. To be identified as successful students, people should at least have these merits, self-discipline, an excellent academic performance, and great organizational experiences.
Firstly, successful students should have self-discipline. These students obviously pay attention to the time management. They do not want to waste their time vainly. In addition, they have arranged all their schedules. They even make the ‘to do’ list in the night before they start their day to ensure that each activity has appropriate time. Furthermore, they are never late in every occasion both in class and extracurricular activities. Each of their time should be meaningful. Although they are very discipline, they still allocate their spare time. They have even organized well their leisure time when and where to spend. They can balance their activities well. In short, students who have self-discipline will be successful because they can spend their time efficiently.
Secondly, the qualities of successful students can be traced by those who have an excellent academic performance. These students are very studious and always focus on their study. Moreover, they always come to class on time and almost never miss the class. They have prepared well before the class starts and also submit their assignment on time. In the end, they generally acquire satisfying mark. Even though satisfying mark does not clearly dispose our success in the future, superb mark or academic track record is an indication that the students have done their best in understanding materials. Having excellent academic track record is very significant because it can show whether the student master their field or not. Furthermore, the students having this asset are so responsible with their field that they can be an expert someday. Although some people think that academically perfect GPA does not guarantee a better future and a successful work, the students having the great academic record have showed their best in learning process and acquire materials perfectly. It will definitely be one of assets to have a better future. In brief, to be successful students, people are supposed to have an excellent academic performance.
The third type of successful students is those who have rich organizational experience. These students love getting involved in various extracurricular activities because they think that being in a club or an organization will build their network and they can socialize with many people. With this advantage, they can establish such lucrative relation that can be valuable for their future. In addition, they can also develop their hobby or interest in certain field depending on the club they are engaged in. It absolutely can add value of either soft or hard skill in their performance. Moreover, being part of the organization can give us opportunity to foster a leadership skill which is very useful in working field. In the working field, leadership skill and organization experiences are more needed than academic track record because a company want to see how people’s performance in accomplishing a project, overcoming a problem, and giving solutions which can only be learned if we are engaged in the organization.
In conclusion, being a successful student is longed for everyone. To reach the ideal, we should have at least three credits which are self-discipline, excellent academic performance, and superb organizational experiences. Those merits will form us to be better not only in the school life but also in the working field.

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