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I am going to say some things that impress me so much here. I just cannot imagine how much Allah’s favor bestowed to my life and with what way I should reply them equally. Ok, Allah knows everything; time and place are in His control. Human just tries the best. What I want to share is I possibly live in Yogyakarta for around 6 months or even lesser than it, depending on my targeted score for postgraduate admission. In fact, I want to spend the given time properly. 

Being a postgraduate student is one of my goals. I never think what I will be later after achieving my degree. I probably become a housewife, writer, teacher, and lecturer. I just never worry about my future because I believe Allah has designed it perfectly in His consideration. I just need to pursue perfection in everything. 

Approximately one week I live here has blown me away. Yogyakarta is small city in my point of view but it has a lot of places to visit, though I do not visit many well-known places yet. I just visited UGM Sunday Morning and went to downtown. People here shorten the word to be SunMor, a kind of shocking market. A lot of people come to UGM area to sell everything. It was so crowded because many people visit it not only UGM students, but also local citizens. I have heard about the SunMor before from my friend. I was just curious when she told me about it. Then finally, I saw by myself. It was totally fascinating.

UGM is huge. It is likely 3 times bigger than my previous campus, Unhas. Here, I lived in UGM’s dorm, Kinanti Dormitory, a new dorm that was just officially announced. My rute is only Kinanti and PPB UGM. I just feel like I am UGM students, take a course and study a postgraduate program here. I used to have that goal, but I changed my mind hehe… at least, one of my hopes comes true, I can be an UGM student even just a momentary student. Also, I can see the sky and smell the wind of this city.

Next, I will tell about the living cost. Many people and data say that Yogyakarta has lower living cost. It might be true but it depends on a person how he/she spend his/her money. I will share the culinary. I think it is similar with other cities. Jogja also has various culinary with assorted price, from the cheapest until the most expensive. As long as I live here, I find that Jogja and Makassar relatively have the same food price, but you can find 4-5 thousand staple food here for instance nasi kucing hehe. 

To get into many places in this city, we can use motorcycle, private car and public transportation. If you don’t have a motorcycle or private car, the only way is getting in trans-Jogja. It’s considerably difficult to go anywhere. Unlike in Makassar that has pete-pete, Jogja has only one public transportation. Fortunately, this city is quite small, so trans-jogja might not be too baffling except for the new comer like me.

There will be still lots of things I could share here, but since I am a new, I just can tell what I have experienced lately. I found Jogja is simple and humble city, not too crowded and not too quiet, or perhaps, I haven’t visited the crowded one. The people are nice and creative. You guys should visit this city. Welcome myself to Jogja!

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  1. That's what I feel... huks huks I've been there for long time, and someday I'll backe there again.. *MissingJogja

    1. yes brother.. absolutely, you can take your postgraduate study here later :)


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