A Jumble of My Mind

Yesterday I got a call from the company, Kangaroo English Program in which I sent my application. The officer asked me to come to the office because he would do some tests and interview. I was not really excited but I was happy and grateful because it means my application was still good. Actually, I have not been teaching for 3 years. The last is in the Primagama. So I need motivation and experiences to improve my teaching skill. 

This afternoon, I went there to do the tests. The tests consisted of writing test, micro-teaching test, and interview. I could handle the tests well, but I know my teaching skill needs to be improved. I still have few experiences of teaching. Furthermore, I always had a complicated mind if the interview was being done. The interviewer's questions made me had to think over and over when he asked me about a commitment. I could not really give my commitment. It was so hard to say with confident statement that I could accept the requirements. Even tough I said "Yes, I can" something always distrupted my mind that said "Can I really responsible with the commitment? I think I can't"

But, in the end, I said that I could accept that. It means If  I am accepted, I should give my degree certificate as a guarantee. In addition, I am thinking about my application that I have submitted in Bosowa International School Makassar. What if my application to BISM is accepted, although I am not really confident that the company will accept me. I am just worry. How should I handle both of them if I get accepted by the two companies. Which one should I choose? 

In my deepest heart I just want to continue my study. I really want to be a postgraduate student soon. I hope Allah shows me the best. I can continue working and have a chance to continue my master degree. God willing.  

Makassar, January 21 2014

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