Mu'inatul Haya (Penolong Kehidupan)

She is my niece, a new born baby.  She was born on June 26 2013. Her name was given by A'ba Syuaib, the former Imam of Syuhada Mosque, my father's relative. Recently, we have conducted her aqiqah. We cut her hair out, slaughtered one male goat to feed people in the seventh day. In addition, we gave her a name. Her name is Mu'inatul Haya, the savior of life. Even though our prophet provides a simple way in doing aqiqah, tradition always takes a role.
 In mandarnese or buginese tribe, the aqiqah is linked with "ma'baca." We should serve some 'sokko', is  tougher than rice, bananas, etc. I noticed, that food is an obligation. We also put the baby in a swing (people's here say 'pendre tojang'). There were other superstitious things. I don't really pay attention to the meaning of those stuffs because I don't really believe it. We called people to come to the house, neighbors, relatives, colleagues. They brought money or prizes for the baby.
It was really tiring and the tiredness still remained. Alhamdulillah, welcome to the world, my lovely dear! cos your name is the savior of life means you should become a doctor... InsyaAllah!

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