Woman in Capitalism vs Woman in Islam

Talking about woman is always interesting, starting from her beauty, appearance, and passion. Nowadays, in the rise of freedom of woman, woman life is still in poverty, assault, and discrimination include in Islamic country. Ironically, feminism is considered as a final answer for solving this problem. What makes it? The social system that we use today is capitalism secularism, separating religion with life and country.
Woman in Capitalism

First, when we talk about women in capitalism, we might think about exploitation. Women become commercial thing especially in entertaining industry, for example, they work as an actress or model. They even expose their body that must be closed. They don’t cover their body properly. They also work hard to expre
ss themselves. They think that they will be successful if they can work in various fields. In fact, they leave their real obligation to keep their family. The impacts are husband want to cheat with another woman and children will lose their mother’s love. In addition, children will grow without their mother’s affection and might grow in bad personality. In short, capitalism just wants to exploit woman.
islam, woman is treated well. Islam keeps the purity of woman. Islam forbids woman show their part of body out except face and hand. With this way, woman becomes safe from man's eyes. Also, islam prohibits a woman show her beauty (tabarruj) in front of strange man. Now, many women work as model, walk in a catwalk. They have to keep their body, weight, and appearance. They show off their body with sexy dress even they act nude. They don’t mind expelling much money just for treating their beauty.
Secondly, seeing women in capitalism, we can observe in social life now. Many young people express themselves in inappropriate way. They get dress sexily. They go steady. They have a sex before getting married and use drugs. It brings new cases, abortion and HIV/AIDS. In addition, hedonism becomes a new culture in youth life include in Indonesia. They are stylist and fashionable. They follow western life style. As a result, they leave their religion and don’t know deeply about this peaceful religion.
Woman in Islam
Next, islam prohibits women interact with men freely and mingle with those who are not mahram, such as going out together without certain limitation. The impact of this action is free sex. Besides, islam doesn’t oblige women to work outside. The safe place for women is in their house. They treat their husband and children well. They manage their household. Because the main obligation of women in islam is a good wife and mother and manage the household, so islam gives a right for women to earn a living from their husband. In conclusion, that is the best position for woman to keep their holiness, because Allah, The Creator knows what the best for His servant.

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