Seperempat Abad

Belajarlah cinta pada matahari
saat ia menerangi bumi
Belajarlah keteduhan pada rembulan

Belajarlah kedermawanan pada hujan
Belajarlah kegigihan pada pohon yang diterpa angin
Pelajarilah kerendahan hati padi yang berisi
Pelajarilah kerja keras semut-semut

Belajarlah rindu seperti malam merindukan pagi
Belajarlah harapan pada bintang
Dan belajarlah ikhlas pada senja
yang merelakan matahari

Hidup ini adalah perjalanan yang tak tahu ujungnya
Kita diperintahkan bukan untuk sampai ke ujung
tapi melewatinya dengan baik
dengan jiwa dan pikiran yang bersih
dengan hati yang taat
dengan cinta kepada Tuhan
dan cinta kepada segala yang Tuhan cintai

Selamat bermuhasabah dan
bersyukur wahai diri!!!

Jogja, 30 November 2014

*the picture is from my friend's congratulation ('s just her pray for me)

The Goals

I remember when I arrived here, Jogjakarta, on October 9. It means I have been here for one month. I will say time indeed flies so fast. One month is as if like one day hehe… At the beginning of the program we took pre-IELTS test. After two-week wait, I was contented for my IELTS prediction test result. Alhamdulillah, I was not bad. I thought my score would be awful since I didn’t study at all and never opened my IELTS materials lately. I got 6 overall band score with which the lowest band was the listening section. At least, that result will be my measured standard on how many improvements I should make further and which part I should work on more.
Ok, I am trying to evaluate what I have gotten here. I veritably do not get what I expect here for this one month. It might be because I have learned English in my undergraduate study so English Academic Purpose (EAP) seems like repeated lessons for me. It is quite exhausting and a bit boring. However, I won’t say it is wasting time because I can recall the lesson back. I just think it will retard everything.  I am supposed to get the IELTS test on December 20 to pursue the February or March 2015 intake in Australia, but the problem is IELTS program will be conducted after 8-week EAP program which is on mid December. Hence, if I take the test on December 20, I will just have very little time to study or prepare for the test and I am not sure about it. I need very well-prepared study.
Contrarily, if I take the IELTS test on January 31 2015, I will have relatively long time preparation, yet I will not have the opportunity to enter the February or March 2015 intake. Therefore, I should wait for the July 2015 intake. It is not a big concern whether I will study on March or July 2015 in Australia or even in September/October in UK. I just don’t want to waste any precious time. The most important thing right now is my IELTS score. If the required IELTS score is on my hand, I can absolutely process my application immediately in whatever universities to get the Letter of Acceptance (LoA).
In short, I am here to gain those goals, the IELTS Score and the LoA. Thus, Allah, help me to achieve them well and to endure my days here in Your pleasure and blessing. I should focus on these things first then take the next step. I am absolutely grateful for being here since it is a scarce opportunity for many people.

And seek help through patience and prayer, and indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive [to Allah ]
(QS. Al Baqarah: 45)
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