Australia or United Kingdom?

Overseas studying might be very demanding especially in advance country for instance in US, UK, even Australia. The academic environment requires us to be perfect in everything. It will be a stressful condition if we don’t prepare ourselves enough. On the other hand, studying abroad might be exciting yet challenging. We can study directly from the brilliant experts, but we can’t also shun cultural shock probability that will bother our life there. For me, Australia and UK are good destination if we want to study in English native speaker country. Although US universities are absolutely prominent, but here, I would like to compare the positives and the negatives studying both Australia and UK in my point of view.

Firstly, I would like to talk about the positive and the negative studying in the United Kingdom. UK consists of four countries, which are England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. England is the most visited country because there are so many reputable universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, UCL, LSE etc. I am sure people who can enter these universities are definitely very proud and can acquire valuable and detailed knowledge. Furthermore, one of advantages studying master in UK’s universities is the duration of the course which is averagely 1-year taught course. We can achieve our master degree sooner. Nevertheless, we should prepare ourselves to study harder because it will be very hectic. I consider that the spare time is less because we should finish the given module no more than 1 year. 

Moreover, UK’s universities are only opened once in a year, which is September or October intake, so for those who want to select UK’s universities as their aimed university just have one chance to apply for. If you are late for some reasons means you should wait until next year and it is going to be exhausting. In addition, concerning the chance of part time work, I am dubious if you can make it well because beside the given time for master degree is so short, your course will also be hustling. No enough time to do other activities. However, I think it is still possible to find a job depending on your ability to manage your time.

Additionally, this one is just my odd thinking. If you are given a lucky chance to continue your postgraduate by scholarship, studying in UK might not be a good place for saving much money. It only gives you less saving because the duration is sooner than other countries hehe… but it opens your chance to visit Europe and feel the sensation of four seasons.

Now, we will talk about Australia. There are also several universities in Australia that are in 100 best world universities for instance Melbourne University, Australian National University, and University of Sydney. Talking about the length of study, Australia has similar duration study with Indonesia. To finish master degree, it requires 1,5-2 year of study. Furthermore, the application process is opened 3-4 times in a year. It precisely gives us much time to process our application. We don’t need to wait the next year intake. 

Selecting Australia as our aimed country has positive and negative aspects. The positives are we have more time to practice our English and of course much money we can save hehe.. In addition, studying a program which is two years in Australia will give us more leisure time. Surely, we can use it for holiday trip. Also, we have much free time that we can use for working. It absolutely can add our saving. However, I think men are more possible to do that because his movement is more lively and energetic than that of women.

The negative thing is just for only who wants to finish his/her study soon might be better to choose UK, but it is actually same because we need long duration of waiting for attending classes in UK which is on September or October, while Australia begins its class on March and July so we don’t need to wait lengthily. Therefore, if we start from now to process our application, I think it will slightly spend the same time duration in both countries. Another negative is we can’t feel the sensations of four seasons. Australia doesn’t have snowy seasons. We can only find snow in the mountain. 

All in all, having a chance to study abroad is very hilarious and blessed. I think whatever country as long as in advance country is not really a big concern. Therefore, before choosing our destination country, we should ponder all aspects above so we will not feel remorse.

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