Writing Is Like Sowing Seeds

You don't have to worry when writing something good with virtuos intention. If your writing is not being published, it can be "amal jariyah" for people reading it. This quote still magnifies my spirit to never stop writing. Lately, I lose my confidence. I might start from zero again. I really miss my writing published on media. I paid attention to my juniors in organization. They are great. They even write better than me. They write productively. Their writings have often been published on media. 

I just looked at my writings in my blog. I smiled. At least, I still write. It is better than never, right? Someone said writing is like sowing seeds. The seeds could be blown by the wind and they are spreaded and grow somewhere. When you write and let your writings be seen by people, you are like sowing seeds. Your writings could be read by many people. They can grow in people's mind and heart. They even can change peoples' demeanor and viewpoint. My last message is to never stop writing even though they are rejected by media.

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