Yesterday, we held two trainings of motivation in masjid Syuhada Polewali. I was very excited because that was the first big agenda I made since my halaqoh was moved in Polman. First, Training of Sakinah Family held on morning in which the participants were most from married women, whereas actually that should have been joined by adult people being ready to get married. The second was training of reading interest and writing held on afternoon. The participants came from teenagers, students and university students. Some teachers also joined this agenda. The second agenda was little bit disappointed. Just few people came. 

I observed the society do not too interested in to join kinds of activities related knowledge improvement. Two days before this agenda, I went to some governmental office and schools to socialize this agenda. I did not see the curiosity of civil servants to join it, even the teachers did not show great enthusiasm. They just said that it was good. In fact, none of them attended this training. My friends also did not come. Some of them had promised me to come. In reality, it was the same, none of them came. I was disappointed. The enthusiasm was very low. It might be called "jumud", the stagnation of thinking. Averagely, people nowadays are lazy to think. It definitely needs hard working to make the hopes come true.

I just want to make my hometown blessed by Allah swt. I want to see the society have great intrusiveness to improve their islamic knowledge and other skills. With knowledge, people will think creatively to make some improvements to their regency. I hope someday Allah opens the peoples' heart to learn more about islam, to add their skill, to get involved in various beneficial activities. Of course, to make it better needs wholehearted efforts from experienced people. Good society will bring good development of their region.

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