Be The Light

I find this song motivating popularized by OneOkRock from Japan. I first knew the band from Ruruoni Kenshin Live Action's original soundtrack. I thought it was western band because the vocalist's pronunciation was like that of a native. Even though the song was sung by a non-muslim, but the message is still universal. The song is full of inspirations. It tries to motivate us to keep moving on, to be better. It encourages us to look for light even to be the light, because there is always light ahead.

Sometimes, in this life we don't know where to go. We perceive imbalance. The right path is clear but it is onerous to pursue it. Nonetheless, we are still sure that the light will guide us. Perhaps, so many inflictions we felt, so many trespasses we made, however there are always hopes to change, to be better and wiser because Allah never leaves us. Yesterday's night turns to light. Tomorrow's night returns to light. And we become the light.

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