A Coincidental Meeting

"Dunia hanya seluas daun kelor"

Have you ever heard the Indonesian proverb above? It was so popular proverb. I am sure that you definitely know it. Sometimes we meet people in a certain condition that we never presume it previously. I always experience that condition. Recently I experienced it twice when I was invited to bring writing materials. I met my friends, exactly two juniors of mine in FLP when I attended a journalism training of my friends' local organization  and when I was invited to improve writing skill of children in short islamic study held by IPM Gowa.

I was excited about doing it. I veritably want to share my experience and knowledge as much as I can, although I realise my less capability. My friend, Boeharto, invited me to present fiction material in the journalism training of his local organization, IKM Manggarai Barat. It was Muslim Family Community of Students' coming from Nusa Tenggara Timur. The agenda was held on January, 26 2014. Surprisingly, I met Rahma, a board of FLP UNM. She was my moderator when I presented essay topic in ToWR 6. I just knew Rahma that she took her senior high school precisely islamic boarding school in Makassar, but I never thought before that she is originally from NTT. There is no any sign at all. That time she was also appointed by the committee to be my moderator. That's was really coincidental meeting. We never expected it before.

Next agenda, I met Ismi (the chairperson of FLP UNM) in short islamic study (pesantren kilat) held by IPM Gowa on February, 1 2014. I was invited by Fahmi, one of ToWR 6's alumni. He asked me to bring writing material to children, to encourage them telling their experiences in a writing. Unexpectedly, I met Ismi. That time I was in a room to prepare my presentation. I saw a girl with a green scarf passed through in the crowd of participants starting to have lunch. However, I was not really sure that she was Ismi. Then, I asked a committee whether she was ismi or not, but she did not know. 

I would make sure by myself. I opened the curtain and saw Ismi was sitting while eating her lunch. She smiled at me. She approached me while brought her lunch near me. We were laughing and we teased each other. We never presume that we would meet there. She was also invited to bring material about "to love reading". ~Dunia memang seluas daun kelor~

February, 4 2014

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