Kak Rubiah

Yesterday, I went to do halaqoh in Masjid Syuhada. The only public activity that I have been doing here in my hometown Polewali. That was also the first time my musrifah (teacher) brought her children, two little girls. Kak Rubiah is a dentist, but very extraordinary dentist in my personal point of view. You might think a dentist is wealthy enough (in worldly view), has a car, good house and etc. Nope! she is not. She is really simple. She just lives in official house owned by the local government in Lampa. She lives there to fulfill her duty as a district's dentist. 
What I always thank to is Allah always shows me the clear path if I am confused. Meeting with Kak Rubiah made me learn many things especially about the steadfastness in Allah's way. She is very persistent.

Kak Rubiah is a wife with three children. Her husband is a teacher. In that condition, they are supposed to have a personal house. I asked her someday why she did not buy a house. She said that buying a house nowadays like BTN was excessive interest (riba). Yup, we should pay in installment in a bank. The bank helps us to pay the house and as an exchange we should gradually pay in installment in the bank. That's riba which is haram (forbidden) in islam.
If they want to buy a land to build a house there, they should find someone who want to lend them money because they will never borrow money from a bank. That is faith (eeman). Actually they can buy a BTN house, but they willingly live in that condition instead of selling the akhirah (hereafter) with this dunya (world).
Allah always meets me with people like them. Kak Rubiah is very idealist person. Dunya is not immortal. We just live here for a moment. Akhirah is the eternal life. We should focus on it. Back to myself, I should thank to Allah so many times for the blessing given me. I cannot regret for the choice I made. I will start from now on to reach my akhirah first, then my dunya. I was wrong. I always think about my dunya, that is why I cannot reach my ambitions in my targeted time. Closeness to Allah is number one. 

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