Once you surrender, it will become a habit

I came across that quote in my junior's video. That was very motivational video about his struggle to manifest his dream. Talking about dream, I am also a big dreamer. However, I should make my dreams are suitable with Allah's rule. Some of my dreams which I want to pursue and make them come true in this year, 2014:

1. Working

The nearest thing that I want to do is working. I want to apply for a job. BISM is  my priority but some are also good if I don't meet the chance. I think that is the best place to work. I can teach English means I can learn more. I love teaching, also love children. I do not know, I just feel very blissful if I successfully motivate someone to change and to be better. Hope Allah grants me this wish.

2. Publish my first novel

I really want to be a novelist. I dream someday I would publish a novel and it would get the point as a best selling novel. It might sound exaggerated. But, a dream is a dream. Just continue working!

3. Be a postgraduate student.

I still keep in my mind this hope. When and where are no longer in my big consideration. I mean, I want to let it flow. To study in a domestic university might also be better. Though, I still hope I can continue my study overseas someday.

4. Getting married

I am not too ambitious to make it come true this year. Targeting to get married may be a wrong way. We cannot choose the best time to get married. Allah has created the time, we just have to do the process towards it. I mean, if someone comes, then asks me to be his life partner and I do, I will not say "Sorry, can you wait till 1, 2 or 3 years later because I should do this, this, and this? Hehe... that's a silly choice. I will not do that. Rasulullah said that getting married is something that we should prioritize in islam especially for a girl. I will postpone my study plan and another plan or I probably do "killing two birds in one stone" hehe.. The problem is I still don't find "him" the one who I want to spend my life with. I have met some guys, also introduced by my senior, but I don't know, when they asked me to do taarruf, there is no something say "click" that make me want to accept them. Some people say getting married does not need love. Love can come as the time flies in your togetherness. I know, but we still need something called "chemistry" before continuing it to the next process. It is like when a man asks you to do taarruf, you cannot say "no" anymore. You want to process it till khitbah and akad.

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