Al Fath

Al Fath Islamic Study Club (AISC) is my little organization that I established on January 4th 2013. It is kind of club for studying Islam combines with games, playing, still in boundary of Islamic knowledge. This activity is actually to benefit my free time in hometown. I was very worried about the children and young generation that morally bad and less of islamic teaching by their parents even school. This is also the stepping stone to my future dreams build islamic school and Islamic Education Management Consultancy. I will consider ‘Al Fath’ as the name of my meritorious company which means ‘victory’.

Al Fath Islamic Study Club has actually 15 students, 10 girls, 5 boys, but the averagely presence more about ten to twelve students. I was happy because I could contribute to enlighten them with islam. They were very excited. I couldn’t believe that they always asked me to teach them morning to noon, noon to afternoon. I concluded that actually children have curious desire to know more about Rasulullah and his companions, and other islamic materials likewise history, personality, manner of islam. They don’t just have a place or teacher to teach them pure islamic insight. 

I was teaching them every morning when they had their holiday and continued it at noon. Alhamdulillah they could spend their holiday with studying the dinullah. When they entered school, the schedule moved on noon and afternoon. In addition, I usually gave them islamic history, shalat manner, and Rasulullah’s manner in daily life as eating, sleeping, friendship habit. I also asked them to write their dreams on sheet of papers in order to shape them a brilliant person. 

Many of them are smart. It’s not difficult to convey the materials. Nevertheless, some boys are mischievous. I need extra effort to keep them polite. Alhamdulillah, they wanted to listen to and obey me after expelling a warning, because they love me ^^.

I miss them badly. I was happy to teach them. As if I want to go back, meet and teach them again. Now, I find great activity in hometown, not to be bored anymore. It was so sweet when I was going back to Makassar, they prepared me a present. It was simple, affordable, but very meaningful. They are lovely children. Nice to teach you children, Fitrah, Chaeril, Aimar, Dilla, Yayat, Wiwi, Inu, Savira, Alvira, Filwa, Nasma, Inna, Ida, and Tilla. Hoping meet and teach you next time, child!  I really miss you all…      

These are the photos. They are as simple as their smile.

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