Problems When I Was in the U.S.

Problems can come to anyone in whatever situation. Problems are a part of our life and colorize our life. One of problems that can happen in someone’s life is when he/she travels to another country. For me, one of the most problematic times in my life was when I came to the U.S. Moving to the U.S. was very challenging and problematic for me because I didn’t feel comfortable with the weather, my roommate, and felt homesick.
First of all, moving to the U.S. was very difficult for me because I didn’t felt comfortable with the weather. I always felt cold, but it was warm for a lot of Americans. In the early morning and midnight I trembled. It is colder if my roommate opened the window then I started trembling. Wearing a blanket was not enough for me. I needed something more to cover my body, so I wore a sweater and thick jacket. Also, it was not easy to get through all days with dry weather. My skin especially my legs and hands were very dry even I used a body lotion. My lips are also dry, so I needed to use the lips therapy as often as possible because it is easy to get dry. In addition, my skin felt itchy because it was dry and suddenly got red and left wounds. In short, the weather in the U.S. was very disturbing for me.
Secondly, my hard time in the U.S was how to manage my time to study and it related to my roommate habit. My roommate is an early sleeper. She goes to bed at 10 p.m. She also cannot sleep if the lamp turns on, so it’s hard to me to study. Then, she can’t sleep well if there are noises surround her even small noises. As a result, I couldn’t use our room while she was sleeping. I became confused to manage a time to study. In addition, I had a lot of homework to do but I couldn’t study well. In brief, I was very hard to manage the time to study.
The last thing that made my life more challenging in the U.S. was homesick. I felt homesick with my family especially my mom. I also missed her voice when she advised me. Furthermore, I missed sharing my problems. I also missed my friends. I missed when we did a lot of activities, for example making a discussion for contemporary issues, managing our writing school for people. Moreover, I missed when we discussed a lot of things about our writing club, for instance making a writing workshop, executing training of writing for collegian. In addition, I missed hanging out with them. All in all, living in the U.S. made me felt homesick.
In conclusion, moving to the U.S. was my problematic times. My challenges were uncomfortable with the weather, I had a difficulty to manage a time to study because my roommate problem, and homesick problem. Although these were very problematic for me, I have a lot of lesson and experiences to share with anyone about how to survive and to live better in the U.S. I suggest to anyone who wants to move to the U.S should prepare all the things well and appropriately. If you don’t find someone to ask and share with, you can buy a book about American culture or find it in the internet. It can be helpful for anyone.

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